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Books by Eric Shiraev published before 2009

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Dudley, R. and Shiraev, E. 2008. Counting Every Vote: The Most Contentious Elections in American History. Dulles, Virginia: Potomac Books.

Shlapentokh, V., Shiraev, E., and Carroll, Eero. 2008. The Soviet Union: Internal and External Perspectives on Soviet Society. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. 

Shiraev, E. and Sobel, R. 2006. People and Their Opinions: An Undergraduate Textbook on Public Opinion. New York: Addison, Wesley, & Longman.

Shlapentokh, V., Woods, J., and Shiraev, E. (Eds.). 2005. America: Sovereign Defender or a Cowboy Nation? London: Ashgate. 

Shiraev, E. and Sobel, R. (Eds.). 2003. International Public Opinion and the Bosnia Crisis. Lexington Books/Rowman & Littlefield. Paperback edition: September 2003. Hardcover: 2005 

Shlapentokh, V. and  Shiraev, E.  (Eds.). 2002. Fears in Post-Communist Societies: A Comparative Perspective. New York: Palgrave. 

Shiraev, E. and Zubok, V. 2001. Anti-Americanism in Russia: From Stalin to Putin. New York: St.Martin’s Press/Palgrave.

Shiraev, E. and Boyd. G. 2001. The Accent of Success. New York: Prentice Hall. Second Edition: 2008, University of Michigan Press.

Shiraev, E. and Levy, D. 2010/2006/2004/2001. Cross-Cultural Psychology. Needham Heights: Allyn and Bacon. From First to Fourth Editions.

Shiraev, E. and Glad, B. (Eds.). 1999. The Russian Transformation: Political, Sociological, and Psychological Aspects.  New York: St. Martin’s Press.

                                  Selected Articles Published before 2006

From the Cold War to a Lukewarm Peace: Russian views of the September 11th and beyond (with Dr. Olga Makhovskaya, Russian Academy of Sciences).  Published: 2006    read

(1) Shiraev, E. (2005). Russia;s views of America in A Historic perspective.

(2) Shiraev, E. (2005). “Sorry, but…” Russia’s Responses in the Wake of 9/11.

Both in:  Shlapentokh, V., Woods, J., and Shiraev, E. (Eds.). America: Sovereign Defender or a Cowboy Nation? London: Ashgate, pp. 53-70     read

Russian Decision-making Regarding Bosnia: Indifferent Public and Feuding Elites (with Dr. Deone Terrio)    Published: 2003          read

Conclusion: Public Opinion and Foreign Policy. The Bosnia War Case (with Dr. Richard Sobel, Harvard University/Northwestern University)    Published: 2003          read

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                                       Books under contract or in press

   Second Edition: Shiraev, Eric. A History of Psychology: A Global Perspective.  Los Angeles, CA: Sage. Scheduled for publication in 2014. 

  Shiraev, Eric and Icks, Martijn. Character Assassination Throughout the Ages. New York: Palgrave. An academic edited volume is scheduled for publication in 2014.

    Shiraev, Eric. Personality Theories: A Global Perspective. Los Angeles, CA: Sage. Scheduled for publication in 2015.