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        International Relations 
         ISBN13: 9780199746514 ISBN10: 0199746516
, 528 pages

What do we study in international relations? How do we study it? And how do we apply it?

Using these guiding questions as a framework, International Relations shows students how to think critically about issues in world politics. In each chapter, a brief opening case is followed by a description of key developments, an explanation of the main approaches to analyze them, and applications of those approaches in individual, state, and global contexts. The authors provide extensive historical information throughout, giving students a holistic frame of reference from which to understand current events.             

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        Russian Government and Politics
        Eric Shiraev
        New York/London: Palgrave Macmillan
        Paperback, 338 pages
        Second edition: March 2013

This up-to-date new text takes full account of the dramatic changes in Russian politics over the past twenty-five years. It provides clear analytical coverage of recent political, economic and societal developments and encourages students to develop critical thinking about key issues and theories. A wide range of pedagogical features in the book help to support student learning.

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             Cross-Cultural Psychology: Critical Thinking and Contemporary Applications
             Eric Shiraev and David Levy
             Boston: Allyn & Bacon (Pearson)
             Paperback, 375 pages

The fifth edition continues a heavy focus on applying critical thinking framework in examining, analyzing, and evaluating psychological data. With significant rewriting and additional new topics, updated references on new research, and MySearchLab with an interactive eText, Cross-Cultural Psychology keeps pace with the rapidly changing conditions of modern times.

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              A History of Psychology: A Global Perspective
Eric Shiraev
  Thousand Oaks (CA): Sage
Hardcover: 533 pages
             Second Edition: 2014

A contemporary and engaging student friendly text with a multinational focus conveys the dynamism of the science of psychology. Student focused features offer social context, explore interdisciplinary relationships, reinforce critical thinking and ultimately show the impact and application of the science.

Key features:

- Each chapter begins with a highly engaging vignette or opening case, which features a familiar-to-most-students theme or topic.

- Multinational and multicultural emphasis examines the development of psychology from around the world.

- The text examines contemporary psychology yet does not give short shrift to the roots of psychology.

- Each chapter contains a section on the impact of psychology on society as well as societal influences on the discipline which includes its influence in various fields such as medicine, education, work, criminal justice, business, advertising, and entertainment.

- 'Case In Point' boxes give students the opportunity to come to their own conclusions about issues and think critically about biases that may have influenced psychology.

- Chapter opening time charts place main events, names, and theories in a visual, chronological perspective of psychology’s past and present

- 'In their own words' boxes display quotes made by famous psychologists and other scholars about psychological research and its applications

- Checkpoints, chapter summaries and end-of-chapter key terms help students review and prepare for exams

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                         Character Assassination Across Time and Cultures

Principal Collaborator: Dr. Martijn Icks (University of Dusseldorf, Germany)


The International Society for the Study of Character Assassination (ISSCA) is established in 2011.

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First international conference on this subject: 2011, Heidelberg University (Germany)

First comprehensive research monograph: 2014 (Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan, New York)


What is character assassination? This is a deliberate damage of an individual’s reputation. Most notable victims of character assassination are political leaders, officials, celebrities, scientists, athletes and other public figures. “Character assassins” target private lives, behavior, values, and identity of other people. Their biographical details are altered or fabricated. Intimate features become public. Achievements are questioned. Good intentions are doubted. Using exaggerations, mockery, allegations, lies, insinuations, and slander, the attackers try to hurt their victims morally and emotionally in the eyes of public opinion.

Martijn Icks and I gather cases and insights from the fields of history, political science and psychology to track many common characteristics of character assassination as well as to describe their unique features over different times and places. We believe that character assassination is a timeless, cross-cultural phenomenon that reveals itself in a variety of forms and methods typical for every cultural, political, and technological epoch. We invite historians, sociologists, psychologists, journalists as well as aspiring students to join our project.


The project summarizes and critically applies various methods of psychological assessment of political leaders of different tomes and countries. This is a comparative and cross-disciplinary exploration in the fields of political psychology rooted in an intersection of psychology, social psychology, communication studies, history and political science. The ultimate goal is to better recognize the role of psychological and cultural factors affecting key decision-makers’ choices in the past and in today's global world. Colleagues and students are welcome to join our team.


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